The future is‣‣‣ predictive publishing

The speed of digital developments are forcing markets and businesses to rapidly adapt to the new needs of the consumers created by digitization. What does this mean for the future of marketing and door drop media in particular? What can big data for example do for online publications? believes that the future of doordrop media lies in predictive publishing and are therefore proud sponsor of the event.

Create relevant content for your customers was founded with the idea that everyone could become a publisher. The drag and drop tool makes this possible. You can add a lot of great features in an easy way. For example, add videos to your online publication by pasting in a YouTube link. Or give customers the opportunity to add products from the publication directly to their shopping carts. Creating publications that are completely customizable and are fully responsive on all devices.

The next step in publishing

But it doesn’t end there. You can add great value in collecting and processing internal and external data of your customers in order to optimize your publications. gives you complete insights into how your customers are reading the publication. It is possible to map and identify the characteristics of your customers. By being able to collect and process the data of your publications, you will be able to become more relevant for your customers, creating content that is tailored to and matches the needs of your customers. CEO Carlo Caunter will also be a keynote speaker that day, discussing the possibilities of predictive analytics for online publishing together with Ben van der Laan, Country Manager the Netherlands of Optivo. Want to get a glimpse on what predictive publishing can do for you? Read Bastiaans blog here and find out.

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