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doodrop-eventOne of the questions I always get from retailers and ecommerce managers, is if doordrop media isn’t outdated and caught up by the internet? Not al all; it is still very relevant!This was again confirmed at the seminar ‘Hoera

This was again confirmed at the seminar ‘Hoera voor de folder’, organised by CuriousYou in Maarssen on the 11th of February. And there is definitely still a future for it, as became clear after listening to all the presentations! But both the shape and function of doordrop media will change in the coming years. My personal opinion is that off- and online publications are becoming more and more important and that is most definitely should be a standard tool in the marketing mix.

There were a lot of different presentations about various components within doordrop media; KSM talked about the design of doordrop, a presentation about the ultimate mailshot from Jump to smart distribution of doordrop by HPG . On behalf of Online Publisher , Sven van Munster and myself gave a presentation about predictive publishing; how can big data be used for more relevant online publications?

A smart retailer knows how important doordrop media is.

The average consumer spends about 17 minutes reading doordrop media on a weekly basis. But when can doordrop be classified as really successful? Should sales have increased? Should there have been an increase in brand awareness? Does a publication have to look pretty or innovative? Or should the production of it be profitable?

In the past and even in present day, doordrop media was meant to send as a mass-medium and hoping for people to buy the products. Gradually you can see that publications are more and more personalised. Big data will be playing a big role in this matter. In our online publications we already apply this often and with success!

Besides data, the experience, knowledge and creativity of your agency still remains important. Data will not take over this function entirely, but it will give an extra dimension to get to more relevant design of the publication that fits your customer’s needs. Also you can use data for other marketing purposes, such as a personalized offer based on the click and reading habits of the customer in your online publication.

Marieke of de Reclamefabriek closed the seminar by looking at the future of doordrop media. In 10 years the purpose of doordrop will change from sending products and offers, to informing customers, creating brand awareness and build a stronger brand image. Next to that, the integration of on- and offline media will be a lot more developed. But the main conclusion is that doordrop media will be interesting for the next 10 years and will, as a regular tool in your marketing mix, contribute significantly to your brand, image, reputation and turnover.Overall it was a very interesting and successful day about doordrop media in the Netherlands. See you next year!

2de4be1   Nick Steggink, Online Publisher

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