Online flyers incite exactly the same amount as the offline paper version. This is one of the results from the TNS NIPO research on the effectiveness of advertising leaflets, commissioned by Besides, online flyers create more traffic to retails than the physical flyer, mainly because of a higher proportion of webshop visits. Striking is the fact that online flyers reach more young ones and highly educated people.

The advertising leaflets are still populair: the majority of shoppers (92%) does read a leaflet once in a while. Even 14% reads only online leaflets. The reach of the online leaflet has lowered by 72% than the paper version (78%).


Retailers and producers seem to mainly look at the amount of people that makea purchase. This percentage is substantially equal of readers of online and paper leaflets. Of the consumers that read paper and online flyers, 47 percent makes a purchase. The one who wants to best conversion, does deploy properly on both resources.

Annoyances of leaflets

Of the people who only read online leaflets, 67 percent mentioned to choose for online because it is more environmental friendly. 56 percent of the respondents mentions that an adventage of online leaflets, is the fact that it is always available. Consumers who only read paper leaflets, but are open minded about choosing for online, mention the positive advantage of environmental friendly as the most important reason. “Every year 12 billion leaflest are printed in the Netherlands”, says Rueck. “A big part of this ends up in the garbage bin – unread. It seems that the consumer becomes more aware of this fact.”


For the majority of the consumers, paper leaflets is preferred. But young ones and highly educated people read online leaflets. Almost a quarter of the respondents, has the biggest preference for reading online leaflets via a leaflet application. Respondents of the age between 18 and 35 years old, this is 32 percent. A positive development for advertisers in a time where the paper leaflet is under pressure by politicions and the community. “The biggest difference between the offers on paper and online is that online offers are always available on your cellphone. This offers many possibilities for advertisers in the future. They can target consumers directly,” says Rueck.

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