The challenge of All-Inn Verspreidingen

“All-Inn Verspreidingen is one of the largest door to door distributors for newspapers, brochures and unaddressed advertising in the Netherlands.

The challenge was to take away the deliverer’s tedious task of manually collating sets, minimising the time for them to deliver, & making their job easier & more rewarding, thus reducing staff turnover.

The solution was the installation of two DM230C ESPER Collators at their production premises, reaching productivity as high as 7,000 sets/hour & automatically collating on average 5 million sets per year per machine prior to distribution to the deliverers. Deliverers are now focussed on achieving a higher quality of delivery, rather than collating, and they can guarantee 100% set integrity.”

If you want to read more about the challenge of All-Inn Verspreidingen, klick here for the casestudy.

Klick here to see the video.

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