Online- & offline doordrops make a great team

More and more people (internationally) read doordrop media online. Last year the number of people reading doordrop media online grew to 4,4 million people (of 17 million inhabitants) in the Netherlands alone. A substantial amount of people with the same need, finding offers they are interested in or to get inspired. The same interests, different channels. Although their differences we know the physical and the digital doordrop media can reinforce each other.


  1. Add flexibility and personalisation to your online doordrop




It is hard to adjust the products in your physical doordrop to changing weather conditions, competition changing prices or adapting offers to certain days in the week. Your online doordrop media can adapt according to these contextual influences. Retailers experimenting with adapting their offers to the weather, competition or other external influences see an increased conversion rate up to 15% compared to general content.



personalisationWe still see a lot of physical doordrop media files published online without any optimizations for online use. That is the least preferred way of publishing with regards to online traffic generation and online conversions. The power of digital means we can personalise the offers in the online doordrops to show products in a category in which a visitor showed interest.. A/B tests show that personalising content on the first three pages of your online doordrop can generate up to 5 times more trafficto your website/shop compared to using the regular content.



  1. Run online experiments for your physical doordrop media

online experiments

We see a growing trend in using the data gathered by the online doordrop media for building knowledge around your offline doordrop media. Every doordrop media creator has challenges on how many products can be placed on a single page, but do readers stop reading too crowded pages? Which products (margins) need the biggest attention and which persuasion methods will result in the best possible interest? The online doordrop can be used to A/B test changes in layout and product prioritization, these insights can be used to create more fact-based decisions around optimizing your physical publication. Start with small experiments to learn how these tests can gain you the most insights.


Start using the full potential of your online doordrop media for better performance online & offline. Retail customers using this data to optimise their online doordrops, improvetheir online transactions from the online doordrop with up to 25%. Want to know what digitalization of your doordrop media can mean for your organisation? Get in touch or see us at the doordrop media conference.

We will dive deeper on how your digital doordrop media can be of value to your offline doordrop media decision making in the following blog. Follow Online Publisher to keep posted.


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