The future of digital is print

The Pendulum: “Future of digital is print”

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 18/04/2017

Some weeks ago I attended the “Trends Day” organised by the Belgian Advertisers Association (UBA). One of the most impressive speakers was Andrew Davis, a seasoned marketer. His presentation was on the importance of content marketing with an emphasis on a better marketing of content.

We are overloaded with information, online and offline. It is absolutely impossible to read even a fraction of what we’re interested in. Advertisers and brands need to help consumers in selecting the right information in the sea of content marketing publications. Andrew Davis made a strong point of not only publishing content but moreover to do a better marketing job with the content. Develop a content brand instead of producing branded content. A content brand, whether online, offline or a mix puts your audience first. Take content as a product that can become a brand on its own. Make sure consumers will take the time to watch or read the content (for example with shorter videos or publications), make sure you limit the number of subjects for your content (and drive consumers to your website for more information) and publish always at the same day and time (as if you’re having an appointment with your audience). Click here¬†for his presentation.

Interesting for all of us, for print media publishers as for digital brands, is another presentation titled: The future of digital is print. This presentation shows how print is an extension of online media. And it covers numerous examples of companies, like Instagram, that have added print as an extra channel. These examples show the value of print media not only for traditional brands but also for online brands. Print serves as an extension of the message in time and through another channel.

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