Make sure you get a ticket for the fifth International DDM Congress that will take place in Haarlem on September 19, 2024. Leading experts, from a wide range of industries, will share their knowledge and provide a comprehensive overview of both the print sector and the wider media industry as a whole. You will hear first-hand experience from retail & brands experts and media and marketing specialists, on how print is still a unique, powerful, and effective channel of communication. The speakers are confirmed, bringing more and up-to-date insights into the exciting world of door drop media. Don’t miss this awesome 5th International Doordrop Media Congress!


Leading experts explore the challenges of doordrop

MC starts doordrop challenge

Ensure your place is secured for this truly engaging event. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear first-hand from leading industry experts why doordrop works.


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We welcome our guests to a day fully catered with lunch, snacks, drinks, and a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant in Haarlem—a perfect opportunity to network.


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Ensure your place is secured for this truly engaging event. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear first-hand from leading industry experts why doordrop works.


Industry leaders and visionaries. Let them inspire and inform you!

profile image Mark Davies

Mark Davies

Chairman of the board Elma
profile photo Noah Chenevert

Noah Chenevert

Strategic Project Manager Spotta
profile photo Jasmijn Rijcken

Jasmijn Rijcken

profile image Chiel Spruitenburg

Chiel SpruiteNburg

CCO de Pindakaaswinkel

MIcheal Petit

Manager Marketing Markteffect (a market research company)



malou cinanni


thomas heijnen


Tour guide

guide doing a tour by boat

Juriaan van Beelen

formerly Chief Co-Creation


Start networking with your peers from all over the world and enjoy a beautiful lunch.

With a background in on- and offline communication, marketing and facilitating trainings in personal leadership, Malou brings aliveness and a lot of energy on stage to make this International Congress a success. She will be the host of the day.

Digital marketing has been happily disrupting traditional media channels for decades now increasing its share of marketing budgets on the way. However with growing concerns about trust and transparency and significant regulatory challenges which go to the heart of the operating models of Big Tech over the use of personal data, we will reach a point in 2025 where digital itself is about to get disrupted. The accepted norms of marketing will be challenged in this post-cookie world and the opportunity for a resurgence in doordrop spend is already being witnessed. In this session you will learn about the early adopters of doordrops as new media most of them coming from a digital first background.

Can you remember when you used to sit at the breakfast table and there was a big jar of peanut butter on the table? To make the peanut butter sandwich a little tastier, your sister put sprinkles on it, your father smeared sambal on top and your mother made it a real party with slices of banana.
Chiel and his team make the tastiest peanut butter in the Netherlands, in 10 different flavors. They put peanut butter on the pedestal it deserves! After all, peanut butter is not only very tasty and healthy. The peanut plant returns nitrogen to the soil making it richer.
In this presentation you will get to hear our 3 success factors through examples and anecdotes from different periods of the business; starting, surviving and thriving.
The journey starts small; the story literally started at the kitchen table with the plan to make the tastiest peanut butter in the Netherlands. Peanut butter in different flavors did not yet exist, so they started experimenting sitting at the kitchen table.  Besides the different flavors, they have already done a lot of fun things at De Pindakaaswinkel such as National Peanut Butter Day and made the first peanut butter from Dutch soil. Thanks in part to the approachable tone of voice and the likeable product, they have more than 36,000 loyal followers on Instagram.
Now, 7 years after the foundation, about 15,000 pots a week roll out of their own factory and the company is flourishing. The guys at The Peanut Butter Shop are happily moving forward and the business continues to grow. They have chosen not to sell their peanut butter through supermarkets.
As a result, they now have 12 stores of their own, over 800 outlets and an online web shop. The peanut butter is produced energy-neutral through the use of solar panels on the roof of their maker in Aalsmeer and people with a distance to the labor market are welcomed with open arms.
How to go and stay thriving is the last part. Chiel takes you into the future and what two things are essential for this. For The Peanut Butter Shop, the main theme is growth! Therein the focus remains on peanut butter and primarily in the Netherlands, big opportunities we see is the market of hotels and corporate canteens. And also abroad, we get a lot of requests from Norway to Dubai to start selling our product.

About Chiel Spruitenburg

During his studies, Chiel founded several small businesses through which he organized events. After graduation, he went to work for a large festival organization and brought people together for the first time. 6 years later he is still doing that. No longer with parties and playing music, but with the tastiest peanut butter in the Netherlands!

If something has changed in our profession in recent years, it is the rise of new technologies such as Data Science, Marketing Technology and AI. And without making it a very technical story, Michael Petit from research agency Markteffect takes you along how these new technologies lead to super effective communication with your (potential) customers.
Because what if you know exactly which message you have to fire on which target group, for the highest possible ROI with the help of statistics, data and AI? Or can you discover new target groups based on statistics? Exactly, then your marketing campaigns will become really sharp. Be inspired about how you can latterly catch your shoppers, with the help of market research, and then never let them go by using the right tools. A very relevant session for everyone who wants to understand where the market is going, but does not feel like a technical story.

Markteffect is one of the biggest market research companies of The Netherlands and we have over 100 employees. We understand that intelligence, knowledge and a deeper understanding of a situation is the key to success in marketing, projects and in product launches. Markteffect is a member of The Relevance Group; an ambitious European group that combines companies with expertise in research, data, technology to create data driven marketing and sales.

During the last year, Spotta has digitalized their business model through its sustainable platform ‘InMijnBus:’ a registration platform where households can submit their YES or NO preference to receive a Spotta leaflet package. InMijnBus offers households the opportunity to opt for the leaflet package that has been specifically put together for their neighbourhood or a personally chosen leaflet package. By introducing InMijnBus to the general public. Spotta aims to make leaflet distribution smarter and more sustainable. Spotta is therefore switching from unsolicited unaddressed print distribution, to desirable addressed leaflet packages assembled for individual neighbourhoods or self-composed leaflet packages by households.

Media fragmentation, declining performance marketing effectiveness and below-par non-transparent measurement are all hindering the best efforts of marketers to defend and grow their budgets in these challenging economic times. The Door Drop channel provides a vital effectiveness boost to those looking to reverse the decline in performance, deploying its power as a super touchpoint – a channel that drives consumer action both physically and virtually. JICMAIL provides the industry-owned data to quantify the full funnel effects of the channel. Join us for a session to hear how JICMAIL data has become a vital part of the Door Drop super touchpoint journey.

With twenty years experience in media and marketing measurement Ian Gibbs is the chief architect of the DMA’s Effectiveness Databank – an advertising effectiveness database of over a thousand campaigns. He divides his time between the DMA as their Director of Insight and Planning, JICMAIL as their Director of Data Leadership and Learning, and a diverse range of independent consultancy projects for clients including The Guardian, Comcast Freewheel and Twinings Ovaltine for whom he runs measurement projects, and trains teams on how to harness the power of effective measurement frameworks.

Unconventional creative marketing as secret weapon for success
In this entertaining presentation Jasmijn takes you on a journey through her own experiences of building VANMOOF and Miskeen. She challenges us to rethink outdated marketing rules and inspires us to create our own weapons of mass disruption. She awakens the entrepreneurial spirit in all us in a refreshing way. And you? What about you? After the show you will tease and tickle – Oh yes, you will!

About Jasmijn Rijcken

Jasmijn Rijcken is a Firestarter. She completed her MBA in Philadelphia and launched two global brands from scratch. With her branding agency Rijcken & Co, she now assists corporations of all sizes and shapes to revamp their brands. Jasmijn Rijcken is the icon of the new generation of marketing. Her ways are powerful, playful and successful.
Her brands
Jasmijn Rijcken is best known for launching the bike brand VanMoof and the legendary fashion brand Miskeen Originals “best urban fashion brand of the USA”. With Rijcken & Co, Jasmijn serves clients across the globe such as NRC-Media, Nationale-Nederlanden, Ti Sento-Milano, Coca-Cola and many others.

Guided tour

September 19, 10.30 – 12.30. Ticket € 75.-
Join us on a guided tour through Haarlem and get insights into retail innovations, new hospitality concepts and the best cookies in town!

street of Haarlem
view of shopping street

Congress venue

Huis Hodshon
Spaarne 17
Haarlem, Netherlands

view of the congres venue
view of the interior of the congres venue

Hotel accomodation

Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans Hals
Damstraat 1
Haarlem, Netherlands

If you want to stay overnight in Haarlem, you will get a special (group) rate at the Amrath Grand Hotel Frans Hals on Sept. 19. Room rate € 178,09 (including breakfast and tourist tax) You get this rate when you book directly with the Amrath Hotel via email address: Mentioning: Doordrop Media Congress. (There are 15 rooms available for this price.)

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view of the hotel room


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